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The principals of Hawksong Associates LLC have long records of developing and implementing widely successful and long-standing educational programs. Bob's career at the national level began with his role as part of the team that created Man, A Course of Study (MACOS), with Jerome Bruner, Richard Jones and others in the 1960s. He had key roles with the Earth Science Curriculum Project (ESCP) and the Elementary Science Study project (ESS), before becoming national director of the project he conceived, with funding from the National Science Foundation, Environmental Studies for Urban Youth: ESSENCE (Essentia).

Cheryl became the first national director of Project Learning Tree in 1976; the first national director of Project WILD in 1981; and served one or both of those programs at the national and international level for 17 years, during which period they became the most widely used K-12 environment education curricula in North America, and, perhaps the planet, given India's adoption of Project WILD beginning in the 1980s.

They also developed the first program concepts for EarthForce, a project of the Pew Charitable Trusts, and developed the first educational materials offered through GLOBE: Global Learning Observations to Benefit the Environment, a project initiated by then Vice President Gore with a host of federal agencies in support of assisting young people and their teachers, throughout the world, in conducting hands-on observations to discern the quality of life conditions on Earth. In the 1990s, they developed the Community Building Institute curricula, a leadership development program for civic leaders.

Stician's development of educational programs began with his work with Summer's End, a week-long, youth-organized, youth empowerment program. He is also the developer of programs to apply the principles of martial arts to conflict transformation, and is currently teaching the practice to adults, children and youth at risk.

Curriculum development, and its successful implementation through a model of diffusion of innovation, is one of the areas of work in which all of us with Hawksong Associates LLC take the greatest pleasure.