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Hawksong Associates LLC deeply respects the process of learning, and takes great pleasure in developing curricula in support of that process. Examples of major curricula for which the principals have served as directors and major contributors, as designers, authors, editors, and implementers: Earth Science Curriculum Project (ESCP); Environmental Studies for Urban Youth: ESSENCE (Essentia); Project Learning Tree; Project WILD; Aquatic WILD; and GLOBE: Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. Earth Science - Image courtesy of

We enjoy taking a collaborative approach, finding the best people to work together to come up with the most powerful and effective ways to teach and learn about the subject matter that is the focus of the curriculum. We know how to develop outstanding and highly regarded curricula that stand the test of time. As important, we have developed models to disseminate and facilitate the widespread implementation of curricula, consciously building a multiplier effect through the diffusion of innovation.

Our clients often come to us with an idea. We assemble the team, develop the framework, conduct writing workshops, edit and write, pilot the draft, employ rigorous independent outside evaluators, and finally get to the powerful result—outstanding curriculum materials that work, benefiting learners of all ages.